FCE Locations

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LocationsGrain Storage /Bushels 
406 N Main Zenda, KS 67159384,000Elevator, Feed Mill, Service Station, Fuel, Store  
110 S  Main Nashville, KS 67112590,000Elevator, Fuel, Store 
100 N Burr Isabel, KS 67065800,000Elevator, Service Station, Fuel, Store  
214 S Carter Sawyer, KS 67134677,000Elevator, Service Station, Fuel, Store  
 492,000 condo Elevator  
1447 N River Rd Medicine Lodge, KS 67104424,000Elevator, Feed Mill, Fuel,  Store  
200 E Sherlock Lake City, KS154,000Elevator  
Total Storage3,521,000

Federally Licensed and Bonded United States Warehouse Act

Rail Service with Kansas & Oklahoma Railroad Isabel, Nashville, Sawyer, Zenda.

Rail service with V&S Railroad Medicine Lodge