Weekend post on our Stocks, Options and Futures newsletters

In this post for the weekend, we wanted to share how our options trade suggestions did for this past week. The two options trade suggestions grids with the trades for the underlying equities that went from the suggested entries to and through profit targets are highlighted in green. Whether you are a trader/investor who merely prefers trading stocks, or someone who feels comfortable trading the options, the price points for the Suggested Entries that we painstakingly compute each week are most often right on the mark. We have a large number of our Weekly TGSwingtradessubscribers who have hit taken these trade suggestions and hit it out of the ballpark with weekly profits. Our analysis is purely technical, so we are not going through the cash positions or balance sheets of these companies for a fundamental type analysis. The only real event we factor while assembling our trade recommendations for the week is Earnings and we try and stay away from calling trades that have scheduled Earnings reports during that specific week. So, take a look at the two primary options trade playbooks shown below for last week. If you like trading stocks or options and would like to sample what our content rich weekly TGSwingtradesnewsletter looks like, take a minute to request a download of this by accessing the following URL https://tradeguidance.com/newsletters/swing-41919/

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Now, here are those trade suggestions from last week:

Playbook # 1


Playbook # 2